The Milkman E-Liquid 30ml

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The Milkman was another of the first premium e liquids on the market. Their unique selling point was that they contain 99% Vegetable glycerin and 1% propylene glycol. This means that your e cigarette would produce a lot of visual vapor but a coil that was plus ohm would not cope with the thickness of this liquid and therefore burn out fast. These liquids are designed for tanks that take coils with low resistance and mods that function on higher watts. We have been stocking it since 2016 now and it has always been a hot selling product. The Flavour profiles are as follows:

Original has the classic Fruit Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream & Milk taste.

Churrios tastes just like Honey Nut Cereal, Churros and Milk.

Milky O's is a simple Milk and Cookies juice. 

Pudding is a infusion of Lemon, Vanilla and Cream.

Crumbleberry has the flavours ofRaspberries, Cream and Pastry.

Moonies contains the flavours of Vanilla Cake, Marshmallow, Chocolate